Thursday, 1 November 2012

Love-a-Bull Mutts Series: Lennox (part 3)

Breed Specific Legislation or "BSL" is prevalent worldwide, resulting in stereotypes and unnecessary euthanasia of some beautiful, healthy dogs. Our Love-a-Bull Mutts Series will focus on shedding light on the truth about "Bully Breeds" such as American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers.

By Alicia

After Lennox settled in with me, I figured I should probably start introducing him to the things that dogs usually encounter in homes, like cats and toys. I left his basket muzzle on just in case, and brought the cat in to see him. Much to my surprise, he couldn't have cared less!  I think he stared at one for a second or two so I corrected him - and that is all she wrote.  I wish I would have had my camera when they first met though; I think my poor cat went flying back 20 feet because he thought he was sharing a basement with Hannibal Lector!

Lennox didn't need his Hannibal Lector costume
after all! He likes cats.
The next step was letting my dog Franklin see him for the first time.  Up until now, they have just been able to smell each other's business in the yard.  Today the boys were tied outside so they could see each other in person and put a face to the smell.  What surprised me most was that Franklin was the one who has to learn some manners!  I was excited that their first meeting went well!

Lennox had been tied up for long periods of time, but that only happened as recently as April. He was adjusting quite well to being a permanent indoor dog- no accidents or anything! I was amazed at how quickly he turned around; it really shows that dogs are indeed a selfless animal, and that with a little bit of love any dog can become a wonderful new addition to a family.

Lennox did an excellent job when I took him to the vet. This was actually the first time that someone had taken him to a clinic, and by how calm he was I’m sure no one else there knew he was a first timer. I put his muzzle on and in we went - and in a matter of minutes, we had people gathering around to hear his story!  There were a couple of cats that were brought in within a kennel, and he gave them a curious sniff and that was it.  I picked him up after work and all day there were lots of dogs passing by his crate and the girls in the back said he didn't bother with them at all; he even sat when they opened his door to bring him out of his crate. 
He came home with some medications and a prescription for free choice food.  I had been feeding him small meals four times a day - tonight however, he finished up a couple bowls of food.  I turned his bowl upside down and filled it up so that he wouldn't be able to gorge his food.  When I checked on him a couple hours later, his little tummy had already rounded out a bit and there was still food left in his bowl. 

Lennox is now happy in his forever home, being the “Love-a-Bull, Hug-a-Bull, Ador-a-Bull” guy we all knew he could be. Congratulations on finding your family, big guy! We wish you many years full of love.

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