Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Dog Friday


Did you know that around half of the animals we have up for adoption currently are black or have large black markings? Of all of the colours of Mutts (and Muttins, our adoptable cats), black is the hardest to photograph well and the hardest to find homes for. 

Although our Black Dog Week ends today, on Black Dog Friday, we encourage you to consider a black dog for your next furry family member all of the time! 

In case you need some extra reasons to adopt a black animal, here are a few fun ones:
  1. Black animals are fashionable: black goes with everything!
  2. Holding a black animal will make you look thinner, because black is slimming.
  3. Black animals show up well on snow – you’ll never have trouble finding your pet outside in the winter!
All of the black Mutts and Muttins below are currently available for adoption. Visit our website or Facebook for more information about them! 

Manitoba Mutts' Website                
Manitoba Mutts on Facebook

Babe, Care, Cash
Cato, Chardonnay, Goldie
Gummy, Poet, Kate

Black dogs! They never get dirty,
The longer you walk them, the blacker they get.
Sometimes, I think I should wash mine,
But then they say, “Mama, oh no! Not yet!”

(Adapted from "Black Socks") 

Manhattan, Murphy, Phoebe
Harmony, Rookie, Scorpio
Sprockett, Thelma, Jellybean

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