Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Holly's Story

Meet Holly, a seven month old Border Collie X from Washagamis Bay Reserve near Kenora.  Holly was pulled along with eight other adults and puppies on December 11th.  Two of these pups have already found their furever homes and five others are tucked into warm, loving foster homes.  This is Holly’s story.  

Holly came to us as a frightened and neglected pup. She was afraid of people, but took well to other dogs. Initially she was terrified being in a new place; twice she hid for hours under the deck away from everything. A week into care, she was learning.  She would let you pet her, and every so often you'd be so lucky to see a tail wag. She was growing into a wonderful, loving pet.

There is something else about Holly. She came into care very sick. Holly had a UTI and has also been fighting an infection in her mouth, swollen lymph nodes and a cough in the two short weeks with us. After an emergency trip to the vet late Christmas Eve / early Christmas Day, we found out Holly also has kidney worms.

You now may recall Glory. She was one of nine dogs pulled that day along with Holly. Two days in care we found out she was suffering from kidney worms. She went for emergency surgery to remove the infected kidney, but sadly passed away as her body just wasn't strong enough to cope.

Friday is Holly's surgery. We are praying for her little body to pull through. The surgery is upwards of $2000 and we need your help. This girl has so much love to give and life to live. She deserves a fighting chance. Please visit our Donate Page to help, and please share Holly's story. You can email for more information.

What are kidney worms?
Dogs can become infected with the parasite from eating raw fish. The worms will take over the right kidney and may also float freely in the abdomen. It is an uncommon condition but is lethal if not treated. The parasite is NOT CONTAGIOUS between dogs, people or other animals. If you want to learn more, watch this video. WARNING it is extremely graphic and is not suitable for children.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Five great reasons to adopt an older pup

We have a lot of pups come through our doors.  With all the young, tiny puppies, our older pups are sometimes overlooked.  Older pups are just as great as young pups, and in fact come with a few perks!  Here are five reasons to consider our older pups when looking to adopt a new family member.  

1. Get a head start on house training. 
Older pups typically come practically house trained.  This means you can spend your time getting to know your new family addition, rather than cleaning up after it. 

2. Skip the teething stage. 

Don’t worry as much about your new couch or fancy shoes.  Older pups are usually past the teething stage and know what’s off limits. 

3. Get some sleep.

Young puppies often frequently need attention – feeding, housebreaking, etc.  Older puppies sleep through the night … and so will you! 

4. Older pups are just as cute and playful!

Older pups still go through the cute “puppy playful” stage.  This is an exciting time for puppy and family to bond and get to know one another. 

5. Make the right match for your lifestyle.

In our opinion, the best thing about older pups is you know who you’re getting.  It takes months for a puppy to develop their personality.  With young pups, it’s difficult to know whether it will be the right match.  Older pups have established some personality traits and so you can make the right choice for you and your family. 

Why not take a second look at Phil, Holly, Rawr, Dusty, Telly, Chubbs and Ella.  These pups are diamonds in the ruff. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

MMDR is feeling the Christmas spirit

We had such great success running our kitten promo a couple weeks ago that we’re running it again!  From now until Monday, December 19th, the kitten adoption fee is reduced to $50 – includes spay/neuter, vaccines and rabies. 

If you’ve been thinking about a warm, snuggly muttin before Christmas, now’s the time to get one! 

Featuring …  

Taffy (female), Sable (female) and Batman (male)

Consider a Manitoba Mutts exclusive "muttin" today!

Friday, 9 December 2011

MMDR has been busy!

The holiday season is a lot of fun, but it also tends to be a busy time of year.  And this holiday season is no exception for Manitoba Mutts! 

On December 1st, we started our December Drive to 25 adoptions … which we’re just about half way there, and it’s only December 9th! For each adoption, we’ll be hanging a stocking on the website, so check back daily to see how close we are to reaching our goal. 

Just last Sunday we held our first Christmas Party – and it was a great success!  We loved seeing so many Mutts Alumni all grown up. Thanks to everyone for supporting the party and celebrating a successful first year of rescue. 

Wednesday, December 7th was double-duty.  We kicked it off by featuring Phil in the 12 Dogs of Christmas.  Every day up to December 18th we’ll be featuring a new dog. Visit the 12 Dogs of Christmas to read today’s featured dog’s letter to Santa. 

That same day, CTV Morning Live’s Eleanor Coopsammy came down to learn more about our volunteers and what the organization is all about.  Eleanor got to meet Peanut, Boomer and Lefty.  Tune in to CTV Morning Live on Tuesday, December 13th to check us out! 

On Thursday, The Winnipeg Sun’s Doug Lunney interviewed MMDR about our Drive to 25.  Catch us in his column early next week. 

And the month isn’t nearly over – we still have nine more dogs of Christmas, 15 more adoptions to reach our goal, and an adoption fair on December 18th to boot!  Lots of exciting things going on, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and on our website to keep up. 

Thanks for your continued love and support – we couldn’t do it without you!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kittens + Manitoba Mutts = MUTTINS!

LIMITED TIME ONLY – Manitoba Mutts Kittens!  Yes, we’re normally known for rescuing dogs.  But we have big hearts and these lil’ kitties were too adorable to turn down.  

Benjamin, Christy and Taffy were discovered as orphaned babies and were hand-raised in foster care.  Now healthy and happy kittens, they are all available for adoption. 

Meet Benjamin.  

He’s an independent and curious guy.  Ben has a cheeky side to him too, and will entertain for hours!  

This is Christy.   

She’s playful and shy at times.  Christy loves to snuggle and will be your new best friend!

Here’s Taffy!

Taffy is a cuddly, loving little kitty.  She is sweet, charming … and will melt your heart.

From now until Monday, December 12th, the kitten adoption fee is reduced to $50 and includes spay/neuter, vaccines and rabies.  Consider a muttin today – they would look great in a big red bow under the Christmas tree. 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Santa came early for Blaire

Blaire sent a really nice letter to Santa this year and she got her wish early!  Congratulations, Blaire on finding your forever home - you deserve it.  

Dear Santa, 
I hope you had a really good year! I sure did. I thought I better write you a letter because I have moved around a lot this year and I want to make sure you know where to find me. 
I have been in care waiting for my family for over a year now. I was at WHS but Manitoba Mutts sprung me out and took me to a wonderful foster home! I have been in a few foster homes and they have all been awesome! I am learning so many things! My foster mom thinks I have been a very good girl and I sure hope you think so too! 
I still can’t help but feel a bit jealous though Santa every time I hear another puppy has found a home. I wonder to myself “What do they have that I don’t have? Am I not loving enough? Do they think 4 is too old?” I know I have a lot of love and life left Santa I really do. I promise to be on my very best behaviour and give plenty of kisses and snuggles. I am a good girl when I am left alone and I never have accidents in the house. (Age does have some perks!) 
I know your bag is pretty full and there are so many dogs like me in need of a family, but if you think you can make room this year I would really love a place to call home and a family that I can love forever. 
Say hi to everyone at the North Pole for me! 
Love, Your friend  

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December is Drive to 25 … adoptions!

This December we have a goal – we want 25 pups going to a warm home by Christmas; because everyone deserves to be home for the holidays. 

At this time of year, we have so many dogs and puppies living outside that are freezing and starving.  For every dog adopted, the foster home opens up to save another dog’s life. 

In support of our goal, we are running an adoption fair on Dec 18th at Best West Pet Foods, 1150 St. James Ave.  We’ll also feature a new pup every day for the 12 Dogs of Christmas for the twelve days leading up to the adoption fair.

Click here for more information about our available dogs, or contact for adoption inquiries and recommendations. 

To help keep track of our adoptions, we will hang a stocking for each dog or puppy that finds their new home in December.  See how close we are to reaching our goal.  

Please spread the word and help us reach our goal!